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BISOLVOMYCIN with trademark number 203510 was lodged on 12/07/1966 and has a status of Removed - Not Renewed . The applicant/owner of the trademark is registered as Boehringer Ingelheim KG. They used the trademark attorney firm Davies Collison Cave to file this trademark.

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Goods and Services Details
Class Goods and Services
5 Pharmaceuticals containing antibiotics,

Date Comment Type
02-FEB-2012 Trade Marks removed from Register Advert
27-JAN-2012 Remove Trade Mark non-payment of renewal Update
26-JUL-2011 Registration Status Update
16-MAY-2011 2nd Renewal Reminder Notice (107) Update
15-MAR-2011 1st Renewal Reminder Notice (107) Update
12-JUL-2010 Registration Status Update
30-JUL-2009 Amend Address for Service Update
21-JUL-2009 Amend Trade Mark Registration Particulars Correspondence
14-JUL-2009 Response Exam Services Update
07-JUL-2009 Amend Trade Mark Registration Particulars Correspondence
07-JUL-2009 Amend Trade Mark Registration Particulars Correspondence
05-JUL-2001 Renewal of registration of Trade Marks Advert
20-JUN-2001 Renew Trade Mark Update
30-MAY-2001 Amend Address for Service Update
30-MAY-2001 Renewal of Registration (1 class) Correspondence
28-MAY-2001 General correspondence Renewal Correspondence
17-JUL-2000 Registration Status Update
11-SEP-1997 Merge duplicate N&A records - TMCU46AA Update
04-SEP-1997 Merge N&A records by keywords - TMCU47AA Update
04-JAN-1993 Amend associated search classes Update
19-JAN-1990 Update CPI Update
10-AUG-1989 Subsequent Owners Registered Advert
25-JUL-1989 Assign a Trade mark Update
29-AUG-1988 General correspondence Register Correspondence
07-JUN-1988 Assignment Correspondence
14-MAY-1987 Renewal of registration of Trade Marks Advert
01-MAY-1987 Renew Trade Mark Update
28-APR-1987 Record renewal pending Update
14-APR-1987 RENEWAL Correspondence
08-JAN-1987 Trade Marks due for Renewal Advert
19-DEC-1986 Registration Status Update

Last Updated: 24/08/2012